Saturday, June 26, 2010

you didn’t wanna stick around

Awesome day. Spent the whole day at the pool, occasionaly interrupting the attempt to get tanned to get cooled down in the water. Gotta love days like these. Although I couldn’t mute my bad concience alltogether because I seriously should start learning with all those exams coming up in one month… tomorrow.

Was wearing my new blue garden collection short ( sale 9.95!!!) and the FAA sandals that arrived yesterday but didn’t take pics and I was in my bikini most of the day anyways.

Now I need to get ready, city festival today, enjoy some bands and drinks with my friends. Get picked up in 30 min and still don’t know what to wear. Gotta think about something ASAP.

Since there are no pics from today I’ll leave you with this one, an ancient mirror I got on the fleamarket for 11€. The ankle was so cool, I had to take a pic.


Does my bum look big in this? Hahaha.


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