Sunday, December 19, 2010

chaos on the island.



The plan was to fly to Germany yesterday at 12.55 from London Stansted. Since I already missed a flight once, I had to make sure to leave early. So without having slept all night, I left at 9am, got to the airport way before time and consequently was the first in line for boarding. Since I was at the beginning I could hear everything that was going on between the terminal staff… when the rumors came that snow was heading our direction, I was the first to know. At 12.50 they cancelled all flights and even the planes that had already departed came back. So obviously everyone started storming to the ticket desk to get a new flight… I stood there queuing for 5 hours just to be 2 mins at the desk. I am rescheduled for tuesday, lets hope it will work this time. Worst thing was that no buses were running, so we had to queue another 2 hours to get a train ticket and another  hour to get on a train just to stand squeezed between a million suitcases in a heavily overloaded train. On top of that the bus from the station back home stopped halfway and refused to go any further which meant I had to drag my 25kg luggage for miles all the way back through the snowmud (uphill). End of the story is I spend about 70 Pounds for transport that day and I have a cold. What a brilliant day.

At least my boyfriend welcomed me at home with a hug and a hot coffee. I met so many people that day that were even unluckier because they had to book other heavily overpriced ways of transport to get home or stay overnight at the airport or a hotel. Good thing was that I met so many nice people to kill the time with. Luckily it happened in England; most people took it with humour, if it had been in Germany I would have been sourrounded by a bunch of miserable moaners. The English sure know hoe to queue! :D

In the end you gotta make the best out of any bad situation. My boyfriend once told me to never focus on the problem but on the solution. Moaning and crying won’t get you anywhere. I followed his advice ever since and it works for me.

I hope you guys had a better weekend and you’re not having to travel in these circumstances. Where ever you are, have a nice 4th of Advent.


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  1. Mein Flug geht auch Dienstag und ich hab echt Angst, dass ich hier nicht wegkomme :/
    Ich wünsch uns beiden viel Glück (;


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