Thursday, February 10, 2011

out and about: greenwich


Some of you guys wanted to see more London pics so yesterday my best Lena and I decided to enjoy this glimpse of spring and meet up in Greenwich. She studies at University there and lives in the area, so she knows the best places to go. I had to travel all the way from North London (think 1 Bus, 2 Tubes, 1 DLR and 1,1/4hrs) but Greenwich is always worth the way.

Best about Greenwich in my opinion is the view from the hill of the Royal Observatory. You can see all the way; Canary Wharf up ahead, the Bank ditrict to your left, the O2 Arena and the new 2012 Olympics Stadium to your right. On blue skies days like this it is truly amazing.

And since you already made it up all the way, you should visit the Royal Observatory of course. We took the chance to see the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition which was absolutely amazing… some of the shots were taken with a telescope and a webcam! If you have the chance, go and check it out, it’s only up until 26th I think. And then there is also all the tourist stuff if you have never been; the Meridian, the Camera Obscura…

If you never had a look around the area, use the opportunity to visit all the museums around, they are free after all! I love the Maritim Museum and the Queens House.

Foodwise I can only recommend the China Restaurant near Cutty Sark Station… forgot the name. Enormous portions and students get a drink for free. I think I paid something around 4,40? Great stuff.

Enjoy! ;)


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  1. So cool! I would die to go there, my biggest dream is London. xoxo

  2. greenwich is stunning!:) I've been here onyle once, but I'll go there in march;) looking forward..

  3. thank you for you recommendation i am still thinking to leave germany for a short trip to london after the ABI. If you have more just telle me.

    love cherrybee

  4. I've been there 2 years ago so beautiful! I loved it ! :)

  5. amazing photos!! :D

    And your YSL ring is awsome!! :D

  6. Love Greenwich. Really beautiful photos.

    tdg x


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