Saturday, March 19, 2011

candy colour


Love this bright pink Nailpolish from Models Own that I picked up from River Island the other day. I know, not the best pic to show it off but trust me it is BRIGHT. Is it just me or can you also not walk past nailpolishes without buying them? I have a ridiculous amount of nail polishes and sometimes I end up buying a colour that I already have because I kinda lost track which ones I have… oh well. I think I need one (more like ten) of these wheels that have plastic nail dummies you can colour with your nailpolishes. Anyone got what I mean? Any idea where to get those (cheep)?

The same day I was in Topshop and got cravings for these (what are they called? – sweet wheels?)… I dunno, bright colours really do get my attention lately! But how could they not, they are everywhere! Anyways, the taste was crap, wayyy too plasticy. But it reminded me of my childhood where we would unwire things like these (especially black licorice wheels) and make braids with them! Anyone else done that when they were kids? I just couldn’t resist! :D

Anyways, I am up early, going to the post office to pick up a few parcels (four – uuups)… been pretty busy on ebay lately. Although I really need to start selling some of my stuff again instead of buying more; I have come that far that some of my clothes are actually occupying my bf’s closet – bad sign! So sunday will be my ebay/Kleiderkreisel day! Yay for some space in my wardrobe! But it’s so hard to part! (What a  rhyme, I am such a poet!)

Does anyone else experience the same “I might still wear it”/”Oh I loooove this one” - Syndrome when trying to do a wardrobe clearout?!

Sorry but today I just can’t be bothered to translate… :P


  1. Ich hab im Moment fast die gleiche Farbe auf den Nägeln und ich liebe sie! :)

  2. wegen den nagellack plades schau mal auf ebay da gibt s so nen nagellack shop die haben auch solche dinger und gar nicht mal so teuer...

    liebe grüße

  3. Ja, bei ebay gibt es "nail wheels" günstig (;

  4. yummy!!! delicious.. love the licorices!


  5. nail polish addict :) I am one as well. I got so many, even with frequently clearing out some. I have been clearing out my closet as well, but lots of it on KleiderKreisel. The worst: exchanging instead of selling. I want more space in my closet, not instantly filling that again. Well, oops :)
    Never been much of a licorice fan, but I heart myself some gummibears!

  6. BTW: I gave you "The Versatile Blogger" Award today!!! :)

  7. Halloo, ich hab deinen Blog durch Zufall irgendwo gefunden und bin ganz begeistert.
    Außerdem fände ich es schön, wenn wir uns vielleicht ein bisschen Unterhalten könnten, da ich gerade nach England gezogen bin und du mir vielleicht die ein oder anderen Tipps geben könntest, zum shoppen und ähnliches? :)
    Liebe Grüße.

  8. Yum!! I love the nail polish color, too <3

  9. Ohh, that ring!
    And I'm wearing pink nail polish too! Can't get enough of it

  10. war leider einmalig, die Tasche =/

    danke für einen ausführlichen Kommentar :)

  11. Tolle Bilder!! :D Und ich liebe knallige Nagellacke. Am Anfang hab ich mich nicht so recht getraut, aber jetzt ständig!!


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