Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a henna night


The beautiful bride getting ready for the evening.


The massively embroidered hem of favourite dress, specially brought from Afghanistan. Isn’t it stunning?

IMG_7959IMG_7861 IMG_7984IMG_7995

Cutest boy ever. Going to be a really good dancer one day.


Me and the bride.


The Henna (the green cream inside the bowls).


Traditional Afghani dresses and me trying to dance.

So yesterday was my first afghan Henna Night and here are a few pictures. Obviously there are so many more but I have to cut it down to the main ones so here we go. I met all the girls in the afternoon at a hairdresser where everyone was getting ready since 11 o’clock in the morning. We finally left around four to get to the restaurant where the party took place. All the girls looked so beautiful, I wish I could post each of them but there were just too many. All of their dresses beautifully embellished with millions of gemstones and rhinestones. Glitter all over the place! My dress was a bit more casual with cute little flower embroidery. As you can see, the henna night is fashion wise more Indian but after the dinner all the girls changed into traditional afghani clothes (last two pics). These dresses were worn like that long before anyone ever heard of Taliban and Burkas.

The evening was filled with beautiful traditions and loads of dancing and of course amazing food. If you have been following my blog for some time you might know by now that I love Sushi above everything but Afghan food definatly comes second. It’s exotic yet not too spicy and a sensation for your tastebuds. If you have an afghan restaurant in your city; go try it.

Tomorrow is the actual wedding and I am so exited to see everyone dressed up (especially the brides dresses – she changes three times!). I am sure it’s going to be amazing.

All in all the night was very fun and I loved to get to know more about their culture as we “western people” are pretty much clueless about other cultures and get easily manipulated by the image the media is trying to sell us about them. I can honestly say that I have never met friendlier, fonder and more selfless people than them. I can only appeal to everyone out there to be more open towards other people and their cultures and leave all prejudices behind. And then maybe one day we will be able to learn from each other and finally overcome our phsychological borders.


  1. looks like a fun night



  2. the bride and you are beautiful!
    the photos are full of live and happiness, i dont know whether its the right sentence in english :p

  3. Du hast vollkommen recht mit dem Essen!
    Die Kleider sehen toll aus besonders Bild 2 *__*
    Ach ja und das Kleid was du da trägst habe ich auch,steht dir!

    Viel Spaß auf der Hochzeit :*

  4. Sehr schöne interessante Bilder :)

  5. beautiful bride!wow :) like bollywood :D

  6. wunderschöne Kleider. Ich mag die Detailbilder am meisten und das Kleid der Braut, toll! Du siehst aber auch echt schick aus, vor allem in dem 2.Kleid. Wie war die Hochzeit!?

  7. Wow the bride have such a beautifuy dress love ur pictures my Dear <3

  8. Nice pictures

  9. everythings are good on the photos it's really looking fun, the dress you and the other grils wearing it's look beautiful and fantastic, the problem is that the bride make-up it's not nice she is not look beautiful with that make-up


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