Friday, July 1, 2011

think of me in the depths of your despair

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(Skirt – Thrisft / T, Boots, Necklace – H&M / Bag – Asos / Denim Gilet – Dorothy Perkins / Bracelets – Camden)

So you wanted to see my charity shop finds in action – this is one of them, the skirt (obvs). The denim gilet is one of my best buys recently, I’ve been wearing it almost every day.

Just got back from Canada Day on Trafalgar Square where I’ve been celebrating with Lena (her hubby is Canadian) since 3 o’clock this afternoon. Who knew Canadian beer was that good? Anyways, I’m just doing a quick post before I head back out to Big Red to see my old work collegues and celebrate a birthday! Canada Day pics following tomorrow (I hope) so stay tuned! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!



  1. oh how i love this style!so beautiful!!!amazing skirt, denim jacket and jewelry :)

  2. ich beneide gerade deine hübschen ringe!

  3. du bist wunderschön! Und dein Klamotten Stil gefällt mir sehr! :)

  4. sehr tolle bilder! :)

    ja, viele Lacke von essence sind wirklich nichts. bei farblacken greife ich auch meist zu p2. aber auch bei solchen Marken wie essence gibt es ab und zu kleine Schätze. gott sei dank :)
    LG ♥

  5. I hadn't noticed before that you have ombre hair, I really like it!

  6. you look great!!!:)

  7. Sehr schönes Outfit! Deine Haare sehen klasse aus. :)

  8. du siehst fantastisch aus und ich liebe deine Kette! :D

  9. Nice look you have !
    xx (Check my blog and follow me if you want!)


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