Friday, July 15, 2011

a ticket to nothingness

Photo on 2011-07-15 at 19.18

Excuse the face. Just came back from Gym and had no make up on. ;)

Having fun with my bf’s new MacBook Pro. Damn I need one of these! Sorry, no picture heavy post for a change, got a few things that I ALWAYS forgot to mention in the last posts so here we go.

First. Everyone of you lovely guys who klicked on the last Facebook link – thanks! You are a star! Now, could you please like this new one? It’s basically the same thing only that it is easier for me to access (me thought I had to open a new account for a fan page. Me no good with everything technical.). So now that I can access it easier, I will also be able to update more frequently and make things more interesting! Yehay! You can unlike the old page btw, will put that down.

Oh. And if you didn’t like the old one, feel free to like the new one! Thanks! ;)

Second. I am going to Germany on Wednesday again! Suitcase packing again mehew! Also, I will be going to Italy with my best friend, any recommendations?

Third. I want to buy a new lens. I will buy the 50mm f1.8 one day for sure but with regards to the upcoming holidays I might rather invest in a telephoto lens. Thinking about the 55-200mm – Any recommendations?

Four. It’s my boy’s and my third year anniversary on sunday. Can you believe it?



  1. italy ist gross. wohin soll's denn gehen?
    ich bin grade von ligurien nachhause gekommen und fand es grossartig!! das kann ich also uneingeschränkt empfehlen :)

  2. love the pics!


  3. Thanks for your comment honey! Super fun pics! xx




  4. was meinste,wie ich grad ungeschminkt aussehe :D!


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