Sunday, August 14, 2011

back to reality

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I am back from Italy. We had an incredibly fun time and enjoyed every second of it but now that I am back I have the time to catch up on things. When you are camping and driving from town to town, not really understanding the language, it’s like you are living in a bubble. You hardly get to know about anything that is happening in the outside world and you don’t expect much to happen either.

It was until the third day of the riots in London that I got to know about them when I got a chance to access the internet. People wrote on my FB that they were happy I was safe in Italy and stuff like that and checked the news to know what was going on. I am shocked about what happened and I can only imagine the extend of things. At the same time I was confused because the news were not on the point why the riots had kicked off and how people justified their actions.

In any way I am plain sad that people think that violence is a way to change things because it never is and it makes me even more depressed that so many innocent people are suffering because of some idiots. Five people are dead for nothing. I heard about small off licenses being looted and I know for fact that these people are working so hard for their existence that it’s just disgusting what people did. On the other hand I read about the reactions of Londoners, standing up and restoring the city which just makes me happy. I love the city and it’s people and I wish I was there to help.

Violence only causes further violence and distress and I hope that people will understand that one day. I hope we can close this chapter for ever and that there won’t be anything like that happening in the future. Hope you are safe wherever you are.


The pics are borrowed from Georgia from It would be mine.

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  1. It's so terrible to hear what's gone on in London. So glad to hear you're safe, though!

    Wishing you and London the best of luck

    sorelle in style


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