Wednesday, August 24, 2011

french obsession

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I came across a lot of interesting and enchanting blogs lately that I have added to my imaginary “currently loved” list. Sometimes I feel like sharing them with you but then I never do - partly because I do not want to give anyone the impression that I do this to make people mention my blog in return (which I think is happening increasingly often in the bloggingsphere atm) but also because I am constantly running behind on posting all the stuff I still have up my sleeves.

Today I could not hold myself back. I just think that she is gorgeous. It’s not like she is not quite popular already (which makes me wonder why I didn’t come across her blog earlier) and some of you might now her already (in which case I blame you for not telling me earlier). I fell in love with her style instantly and if you are into vintage clothes, button up shirts and leather loafers, I am sure you will love her too.

Unfortunately most of her posts are in french (and my french has become ridiculously bad after years of non-practice so I only get half of what she says) but even if you use the rubbish google translater you will find not only her style is amazing but that also her texts are very funny and entertaining.

This is how she describes herself:

“I'm a sucker for thrifted or vintage clothes, boyish outfits AND amazing creepy movies. And I'm funny, again.”

Go and check out her blog and fall in love too!



  1. OMG OMG OMG it's meeeee. Thanks a lot for all the nice things you say about me and my not very feminine style, but hey, that's me !

    My english is not good enough for translating my texts. I try to make them interesting and funny, but in english, quite hard !!

    Thanks a lot again

    See U !

  2. great pictures , your blog is amazing i love it,maybe you'd follow mine too xx


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