Monday, September 5, 2011

join me for dinner


Pictures above have no relation to the post. Just so you know. Or maybe. A little.

I am just imaginary patting myself on the back for my glorious dinner. Well it was good but the caramalized onions were just amazing. Yes, yes, a little bit of self-praise is good from time to time. So yeah, I’ve just spend a good few hours in the kitchen (only joking, the cooking in the oven took like an hour) and managed to make some nice chicken drumsticks with home made chips, baby carrots and bespoke onions. I did not photograph it in case you’re wondering, I was simply too hungry.

Okay enough for the food talk. But really I was super boring today - cleaning the flat from top to bottom, food shopping (thank you England for open supermarkets on a sunday) and making dinner are the main accomplishments of my day. I was planning on going to a car boot sale in my area but since I got up at like 11 (hat party was fun!) I thought I might as well stay in… it’s every weekend anyways.

How was your sunday?


So now you are thinking …? Yeah well I was actually writing this post yesterday evening, then my bf got home and a friend of us came over (and stayed until 6 am) and I never thought of it again. Until now! So I’ve just time warped you one day back! Yahay!

And for a glorious finish: What I wore on saturday – again we’re going back in time!



  1. funny pics!! :)

  2. Super funny!
    Amazing blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  3. aww you look cute!!!have a good week!


  4. yeah, the nails are fab aren't they, wish mine could be so perfect every day!

    loving your outfit!


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