Sunday, October 23, 2011

empty handed



If you are following me on twitter, you might have already heard me contemplating about leaving the house today yesterday. As it turned out I was feeling much better this morning and since the weather today can only be called spectacular (probably a good 15-17 degrees and a clear blue sky) I made my way down east to the vintage thrift store.

They were promoting on facebook that they had a “vintage poundshop” thing going on, with items from £1 - £5. When I arrived today the “pound shop section” looked like a battlefield with items scattered all over the floor and all the nice things were gone. I suppose you have to come the first day for promos like this. The shop itself has a really lovely collection of vintage clothes and I would have bought half of it if it wasn’t a bit pricey for my taste considering most of it is unbranded and in worn condition.

Anyways, my main goal today was to find a wedding dress for Halloween (and since it’s the end of the month I don’t really have money to spend on random clothes) so I left the shop empty handed.

While I was already there I met up with Kerstin, a fellow blogger I met through Kleiderkreisel who lives around the area, to stroll along Brick Lane. I completely forgot how packed it is on a sunday, all the shops and streets were crammed full of people. My search for an Emily worthy wedding dress remained unsucessful but at least we had a good day browsing through the stalls. I ended up buying some Levis cut offs for a tenner, partly because I hate leaving Brick Lane without buying anything.

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I must say that the prices are getting a bit ridiculous though. Back in 2008 when I first came to Brick Lane you could easlily find some great vintage leather bags for 10 quid and some lovely dresses for less than that. Now they are pretty much ripping people off; some worn out sweater for £20? Well no thanks, I’d rather go to the charity shop down the street and get it for £4. I even found a worn down, partly ripped seafoam blue dress that would have been great for Halloween but the lady had the guts to ask £45 for it. You should have seen it, it was so run down and dirty, I wouldn’t even pay a tenner for that.

At last we got some photobooth shots that are a bit of a must-do when you are in Brick Lane with friends:

IMG_9169 (The first one is the best – there was no indication when the first flash would come so we were all taken by surprise! :D)



  1. haha wow sounds good! Are you gonna show your dresses?

  2. We went down to brick lane as well this weekend and I had the same impression, mainly overpriced and worn out items...
    But on the way home I found a fantastic cardigan for a fiver, whoop!
    Happy sunny autumn times!

  3. oh, how I miss london!!! and the east end...and the vintage shops! would have so wanted to spend that day around there as well!


  4. Sundays are grand! My favourite was going to Nude Espresso for eggs florentine. Unreal! Gorgeous photographs.

    x The Pretty Secrets


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