Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ozwald boateng screening

037011038030051084064082066 077    What I was wearing: Coat – Vintage | Faux Fur – H&M | Dress – Topshop Unique | Shirt – Zara | Earring, Boots – Topshop | Rings – YSL and Ebay | Tote – Dan Hillier

Went to a see the screening of Ozwald Boateng’s new movie “A man’s story” today (thanks VA! <3) – I really liked it! It took place in Soho House in a very small home theatre-like venue with about 20 (? I am bad at guessing lol) other bloggers.

After the screening the director Varon Bonicos, who followed Boateng for 12 years, and the designer himself came in to answer questions – trust me, that is one well dressed man! I really enjoyed seeing him in person after the film as it really mirrored what we just saw on screen – a very energetic, passionate and also funny person, very charismatic! It was actually his birthday today! Initially I thought he’d be much more reserved being a fashion hero (having been head designer of Givenchy, dressing the Oscar nominees, having an OBE and all) but he was very laid back and cool, very likable. When I came out of the theatre he was standing outside and shook my hand and I had the chance to whish him Happy Birthday- Eeeek! I whish I’d asked him for a picture though!

The movie is more about the man behind the name than the fashion side which I enjoyed as that made it much more personal but I would have liked to see more about his talent and creativity – but I guess that’s not what Varon was focusing on anyways. The movie is definately worth seeing as it gives you a lot of inspiration to follow your dreams, seeing him struggle so many times but never giving up… he gave some last advice to anyone aspiring to do what he does:

You’ve got to believe in what you do as you can only be successful if you believe in yourself.

Well said! I must say that I look at suits at a completely different way now though! Was already checking out all the guys suits on my way home haha!

The movie will come out on 9th of march and you can visit the facebook page here to win tickets to screenings!



  1. i love the gold tips on the collar :)
    ~niki <3

  2. Happy you liked it! :D you look fantastic!
    Only 20 other bloggers? That's weird. I expected it to be a bigger event.
    By the way, did the shirt come with the tips or did you buy them seperately? :D

    1. Ja, war MEGA exclusiv! Haha! Schade dass du nicht mit warst!
      Die Tips waren schon dran, habs auf ebay ersteigert! Aber ich hab auch welche gefunden fuer ein paar Pfund die man dran klipsen kann, die bestell ich mir auch noch! ;)

  3. That sounds really great! Love your outfit. So so classy and sophisticated. That collar is amazing, and I love the accessories as well. Also, that lip colour looks beautiful on you!

  4. Super tolles Outfit! Deine Haare sitzen da auch großartig. Möchte endlich mal so lange Haare haben, um so einen vollen Dutt tragen zu können :)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke! Geh mal auf Youtube, da gibt es einige Tutorials fuer kuerzere Haare um tolle Dutts zu machen! Alternativ gibt es bei Primark so Dutt Kissen fuer nen Euro, die sind super fuer kurze Haare! :)

  5. LOVE this outfit, you look stunning! The shirt is so amazing.

  6. Wow! Du siehst echt super aus und so hübsch :) Klasse Bilder und Outfit!


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