Saturday, March 3, 2012

haul – topshop outlet london

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’ve spend my tuesday afternoon with a pilgrimmage to Edgeware. Edgeware is at the end of the northern line and quite far bloody far away from me. But what you wouldn’t do for a Topshop Outlet store? Ok, the total travel time wasn’t more than an hour and in London I’ve gotten quite acustomed to travelling for ages so it wasn’t all that bad. Was it worth it? Hell yeah.

The shopping centre is just around the corner of Edgeware station but I managed to run around for ages in the wrong directions before I found it. –.-‘ It took me a while before I discovered what I was looking for (the Topshop is located in one of the far corners of the centre) so I had a look around in Internacionnale in the meantime – and found these three beauties in the sale:

043100 034

The collar and the beaded bag were just £2 and the scarf £5!

When I entered the Outlet store I was greeted by massive “SALE”  and “"buy one get one free!” signs everywhere. I steered to the first rail and my first impression was: oh no. Most of the stuff was ripped / missing buttons / very old season and or increadibly misshaped. But rail by rail the selection got better and after 15 min I already carried around 20 items around and made my way to the fitting rooms. I could have spend hours in that store and had to leave a lot of things because I couldn’t try them on anymore (they close the fitting rooms half an hour prior to closing) but I had so much stuff anyways!

The store has a bit of a thrift store / charity shop feeling because many things are only available once and you have to dig through a lot of not-so-nice stuff but you can definately find many great bargains. The good thing is that everything is sorted by garment type and sizes which makes finding what you are looking for a lot easier.
In my opinion one of the best things is the jewellery rail. I got ten items in the end and everything is £1,50!!! PLUS you get the buy one get free so every second one is FREEEEE! :D

When I went to the till I had no idea how much it would be in total and I was so surprised when I saw the numbers on the display – £50.50!!! The most expensive item I got was the white polka dot blouse – reduced from £40 to £20. But then I got the Ashish “AU SECOURS” shirt for £15 for free!  And the list goes on; so if you go there make sure you have even numbers of clothing items and accessories!

Btw, all items at normal price would have added up to £247!!!


My verdict:067

AU SECOURS!; attention or you’re going to spent all your money in that store! They get new stock every week so it’s not like you will see the same stuff all the time and the value for money is beyond amazing!

The adress is:

10b The Broadwalk Centre
Station Road

Nearest tube: Edgware (Northern Line)



  1. incredible! thanks so much for sharing! def have to check it out next time!

  2. That is a really good deal! I would love to visit the outlet store if I'm ever in London!

  3. oh wow that is amazing might have to make the long trip there. You got some awesome bits and what a saving xoxo

  4. Amazing haul! Loving your jewellery x

  5. Wow da hast du ja richtig krasse Schnäppchen gemacht! :D
    Wird Zeit, dass ich auch nach London komme! Hast du eigentlich irgendwelche Tipps für günstige Unterkünfte in London? Ich muss diese Reise echt mal in Angriff nehmen... :)

  6. Wow amazing haul you did very well for £50!

  7. ah such amazing bargains! I neeeed to go here, sucks I'm so far away from London :(

  8. Gorgeous finds! I always wanted that polka dot blouse but £40 was far too expensive! I love the collar & beaded bag too.

    Catherine, XO.

  9. This is great! I'm heading to London for a holiday in July and for Australian's outlet shopping is definitely a lot more of a saving!
    Awesome post, thanks so much :)

  10. Amazing finds for that price, wow! xx

  11. Tolle Sachen + super gespart !!!

  12. Vielen Dank, der Link ist sehr interessant! :)
    Es gibt so viele Hotels und Hostels, ich weiß gar nicht wo ich anfangen zu suchen soll.. :D

  13. Wowww you got some amazing stuff, especially the leopard collar and the cute glasses case! I may have to pay a visit when I'm next in London!

  14. Great finds!!! For such a great price!

    xo Jony
    SHOUT-OUT to you

  15. OMG!!! I love everything you got there! :)
    and it's a big savings!! :D 18 items for £50 something already.. :D


  16. you bought so many beautiful things! lucky girl :)

    xo alicia

  17. Wow, wirklich schöne Bilder.
    Ich bin auch die Tage in London und schau gerne mal bei dem Outlet vorbei <3

    LG Meroda

    P.S Du hast einen wirklich schönen Blog ich mag deinen Schreibstil total gerne.
    New Facebook ,Bloglovin and Google Follower
    Mach weiter so <3

  18. der schal ist zuckersuess & dein schmuck gefaellt mir auch richtig guuuut! freut mich total fuer dich, schnaeppchens sind immer supi! :D



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