Monday, December 23, 2013

Back in Christmas Wonderland


China switched to full on Christmas mode over the last couple of weeks – blinking lights in red, green and blue everywhere accompanied by kitschy cute Santa Claus faces and Christmas unicorns. Not really what we Europeans define as classical Christmas decorations, but then again who can blame them – it’s not like they actually celebrate Christmas. The Christmas equivalent in China is the Chinese new year – usually celebrated at the end of January or beginning of February (depending on the moon calendar).

Since I am back in Germany for the holidays I enjoy driving through the little towns with pretty lights in each window and on the trees. In Germany as well as France Christmas markets are a must during Advent – the time leading up to Christmas Eve. They have become widely popular in other countries too, usually emphasizing on the “German” Christmas market like Winter Wonderland in London each year. Even Beijing had it’s own little Christmas market a couple of weeks back at the German embassy.

I personally think that the Christmas Market in my hometown Trier is one of the most beautiful ones, mainly due to the location within the old center of the city, surrounded by old buildings from different eras and the Dome watching majestically over the many visitors. Have a look for yourself!




  1. Das sieht wunderschön aus... eigentlich fast genau so wie hier in Deutschland... nur einen Tick kitschiger :D
    Der Hund meiner Freundin ist ein Bordermischling!

  2. Das sind wirklich tolle Eindrücke, wobei Du jedoch alles überstrahlst <3 Schön siehst Du aus!

    Schöne Weihnachten!

    Alles Liebe von Rena, die Dich und Deinen Blog so schön findet, dass Sie Dir auf der Stelle gefolgt ist :)

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