Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hello Lovelies!

How have you been? I missed you! Yes, I am still alive, and yes I am still in Beijing! But not for long!
I am going to NEW YORK on Monday! Eeeek!
I am very excited, not only have I never been to New York (or the East Coast for that matter) but I have always dreamed about living in New York one day! I will be there for almost two months until the beginning of September and it is work related so I am actually getting paid to be there – cannot believe how lucky I am! That being said it makes the whole trip a little bit more unpredictable as I don’t know how much I will get the chance to explore the area around New York or even travel to other cities but I guess it will be good any way. I hope I get some time over a weekend to fly to LA as I have so many friends there right now… let’s see. I feel very lucky to have so many opportunities thrown my way and I can only advise anyone to go where the wind blows you, there are so many exciting things happening along the way!
I am a bit scared of packing as I hate it and I always wish I could just take everything! But on the other hand the US is just the perfect place to go shopping so I guess I should leave some space in my luggage!
Thanks for reading, even if my posts are so rare! :P
Much love,

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