Friday, May 21, 2010

DIY miu miu collar

Since I saw that DIY on one of my favorite blogs (click). I couldn’t stop thinking that this is probably the easiest DIY ever. And it is. And very convenient since the original is like 200€.

I took an old white shirt from my dad (got to be a men’s shirt, they have the bigger collar) and cut off the collar along the seam.



Bought a textile pen in light blue and painted the collar with swallows. I simply drew them directly onto the fabric, if you are not good with drawing free hand, use some swallow pics from the internet, print them out and make yourself a stencil.

Got my template from the real deal: the miu miu collar deni from CHICMUSE wore in one of her posts:


And here is the result:

blue collar


I think I’m going to make another one with the black cats on a blue collar. How do you like it?


  1. so well done hun!props for that!greetings to your sis x)

  2. Super! Well done! ^^

    I've made Miu Miu nails =D

    Check it out if you want to:



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