Saturday, May 22, 2010

H&M Fashion against Aids





These are my favourites (gotta have the sandals and the zebra headphones):


Pics via H& 

I love the pictures (and the collection). How amazing does Elizabeth Jagger look? I WANT her hair. So now I just need the next Festival. Would have loved to go to Glastonbury but they are sold out. I might go to Sonisphere Festival, my friends could’t get over how awesome it was last year.

But nevertheless; the collection is an FAA collection! Never forget that! Hopefully people are aware of the fact that the number of new HIV infections in europe is actually steadily rising. Some think that it’s a problem in Africa but not here. They are so wrong! Some think it’s only affecting homosexuals. They are so wrong! Think twice! Use condoms!

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  1. hey!
    nice blog!
    I looove Lou doillon, isn't she an amazing model? this collection looks awesome... and even better on her!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following.
    Marine / another fucking fashionista


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