Thursday, May 20, 2010


Actually I don’t know what happened this weekend – I got so busy, I didn’t even start my pc for 2 days! (Usually its running from morning to evening!) So anyways, now is already thursday and my last post was almost one week… great start.

I sad last time that I’ll post the stuff from my frist arrival from the H&M order so I quickly took some shots infront of the mirror (excuse the crappy iPhone pics, couldn’t find my camera) and here is the result:

DXL830_73988_15210_54_9267 IMG_0947

The shoes… I absolutely fell in love with them when I saw them on a poster in the H&M store in my city and I was anxiously hoping that they would make it into the online shop – and then, pow, there they were. Basically these babies were the reason for my order to start with. But now? I love the colour (lighter than in the pic, but not white - matching the shorts) and the suedette texture… but the fit is… strange. I have to tie them really tight in order not to slip out in the back… that really frustrates me.

IMG_0931 IMG_0923 IMG_0919

They totally remind me of the awesome Burberry heels from that genious SS/10 collection


I would actually keep them just because they are at a reasonably price (29,99€) and I have been lusting over them for ages (saw that poster back in february!), but then again if they don’t fit perfectly, am I going to wear them? The heel of 12cm has to be taken in consideration as well, I mean I am 1.92m with these… ewww. That’s a tough one.

I need help! Keep them? Send them back and maybe order them again when they are on sales? Look for them on ebay? Leave it at all? Help me!


I also got the Garden Collection shorts that probably everyone knows, a flowery shirt from the Garden Collection, a grey suede thin belt and the black and white maxi dress.

IMG_09390 IMG_0944

The texture of the shorts is lovely, but crinkles easily. Keep. The shirt was kind of an experiment cause I actually don’t have anything that coulourful in my closet and especially nothing with flowers. Fail. Sent back.

My favourite is actually the black and white dress (which I will also get in black). I love it together with the red band jacket from H&M I got in London this february.

IMG_0948 IMG_0952

Who got the idea with those wavy mirrors goddammit? Can’t take full body pics. I’ll post it again when I have the complete look and a better shot. My room is a mess –.-‘.

Have a good night everyone. I think insomnia is taking over.

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