Wednesday, June 23, 2010

54, 74, 90 – 2010!

Schlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand! So Germany won today! I have to admit, I usually don’t watch Football. You might say I am one of those phony people only watching euro or world championships. It’s true. But I know what they are talking about and I hate nothing more than all those girls wrapped up in nothing but their flag and asking: “What is an offside?” or “Why does the goalkeeper wear a different shirt than the other players?” I actually played football a looong time ago myself, but then decided that basketball is much more advantageous for me being 1.81m. hehe.

Problem is: Next game is against England. Which is my future home country. Who will I be supporting?

Stupid Question! Sorry guys…

Germany – GO!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!


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  1. Mein Freund ist Engländer und er hat jetzt schon Angst, dass ich ausrate wenn sie gewinnen haha

    Ich guck aber auch nur Länderspiele. Bundesliga oder so ist mir egal. Ich fühle mich mit keinem Verein verbunden, aber mit meinem Land dann schon und deshalb finde ich es auch oder gerade deshalb authentisch (;



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