Friday, June 18, 2010

dort am klavier, lauschte ich ihr…


It was really nice and sunny a few days back, so I decided to wear one of my dresses that has never seen sunlight before. I just have too many clothes… well, can you ever have too many clothes?


My inspiration for this look came from the picture you can see behind me. The artist is Jules-Alexis Meunier, a french painter who lived in the late 19th century. I am in love with 19th century fashion… Pride & Prejudice <3.

Meunier - First Piano Lesson

When I looked at this picture this song from Rammstein came up in my mind, so in case you are wondering, that is where the title comes from. I used to listen to that one over and over back in the days. It’s actually quite soft for Rammstein and sooo romantic in it’s own way (and weird of course, it’s Rammstein, what do you expect?)… If you are curious what there are going on about there is also an english translated version here.

I just turned around in that picture,  please excuse the strange posture.




(dress: Promod, necklace & heels: H&M, ring: Primark, flowers: H&M Kids)

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