Wednesday, June 16, 2010

with a litlle help from my friends

I kinda don’t find the motivation to take any outfit pictures in the past few days and I have been pretty lazy actually. I really need to get a lot of stuff done, e.g. put some stuff on ebay and clear out my room. Uni is really stressful at the moment, got to do a presentation next week and the topic is just booooooring. Hopefully I can pull something off.

Anywayzz… Never start watching youtube. Or maybe just I shouldn’t. It’s like the bermuda triangle, I get lost. I started with some random Little Britain clips (how can anyone not like Little Britain, btw?) and totally got carried away by all the bits and bobs that come up at the sidebar. Ended up watching X-factor auditions. And then I remembered that awesome guy from 2009, I nearly cried when I saw him last year and it still blows me away. Why didn’t we have teachers like that in school? That’s what I call injustice.

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