Monday, June 7, 2010



Oh my… I am way too pale. But more like some kind of rosy pale instead of a nice porcellain teint…darn, I need to get some sun on my white legs of death! Hope the weather stays nice (and I don’t turn into a lobster)!



Pics from two days ago, was hot like hell (I’m not very fond of hot temperatures by the way) but this combo was very light and airy so I kinda managed to survive.

  • Silk Blouse – Vintage (found in my sisters wardrobe – hi Nini! :D )
  • Shorts – H&M Garden Collection
  • Heels – H&M last season (ebay for €6 muhahwahahaha)
  • Suedette Belt – H&M
  • Ring, Clutch – Primark


Love that clutch sooo much – got it in London for 6 Pounds <3

Hope you had a nice weekend and have a good start tomorrow!


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