Tuesday, June 8, 2010

rock am ring


Flew over Rock am Ring festival yesterday, two of my friends were there but still recovering from saturday. Muse was playing!!! Aaarrrgh I would have loved to see them, I know every song by heart. This RaR must have been epic… so many awesome bands, especially since it was the 25 years aniversary. Forget all that pop bla bla, bring on some rock!!! Rammstein, Rage against the Machine, Kiss, H-Blockx, Gossip, Motörhead, HIM, Pendulum, Lamb of God, Wolfmother… I gotta stop or I’ll cry! All my favourite bands…

Anyways, here are some pics of the flight:



As you can see it wasn’t very busy (it was 1pm so most of the people were probably still sleeping :D ). At the top acts the whole place is covered with people.

Do you see all those camps? Some of the guys at the far ends have to walk quite a while to get to the stages! The area is massiv; it looks like villages but its actually all camps...

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