Tuesday, June 8, 2010

portobello road

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If you go to London, you gotta go to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. I only go there on saturdays but I think it now opens all week (?) because of the tourists. It is touristy, yes, but still amazing. This street is crammed full with antique dealers, vintage fashion stalls and retro memorabilia. A paradise for vintage lovers!

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Some people (especially the local retailers) were mourning about this shop. It’s a giant chain store that moved in earlier this year and is decorated with antique Singer sewing machines, so from outside I first thought it is a sewing machine museum. They actually sell clothes and a few home accessories. I like the style but it’s too expensive for me.

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  This is one of my favourite shops. They have loads of maroccan style lamps and furniture as wel as vintage bags. I need that maroccan tea table next to the door – and the leopard backpack! I didn’t see it until I checked the pics. Oh noes! I love it!


When going to Portobello Road you need especially one thing: patience. There is so much to see (and most of the time so many people) that you have to take your time for a visit. Entering from the Notting Hill Gate side of the street you first get the Vintage stalls and sellers, then food (the seafood stuff is nasty although so many people are always queuing), make-up and jewellery and at the end clothes and accessories. If you don’t make it in one day, come another time, entering Ladbroke Grove Station.

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If I made you curious and you are actually planning to go there, have a look here or email me for some tips ;) !



  1. wow there so much!!
    My good friend is going
    study abroad in London
    and I'm thinking of
    doing an internship there.
    It looks really exciting!


  2. Loving this post
    Simply amazing




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