Saturday, July 17, 2010

torturous analytical thoughts make me go insane

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I feel Willy Wonka. And I’m singing Oh Oh on a friday night and I feel that everything is gonna be alright.


Massive picture flooding!

(Couldn’t decide which pics to pick so I’ll just post all of them :P)

etu 223


I am totally proud of myself by the way. I spotted that awesome bodychain from H&M on so many blogs, but of course it would never make it into the online shop or my local store. What can you do? DIY it! I got myself a looooong chain from my favourite art supplies shop and after 4 hours and 235 eppys it’s done! Whohoo! I like.

330 I looove, love love this blazer. <3

Aaaand the booties. Massive love. Was lucky enough to find them on KleiderKreisel. New. In my size. I’m so lucky.

(Blazer, Vest, Jeans– H&M/ Hat – H&M FAA/ Clutch – Bianco/ Necklace – DIY)


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