Friday, September 10, 2010

oh dear…

London 066… don’t know where to start actually. I guess an apology would be nice. Sorry I didn’t blog in a long while, things were a little complicated and hectic in the last two month.

First of all; I have a flat. It took us only two days (which is a miracle actually) and it is absolutely beautiful. Second University starts on 23rd and last but not least I’ll be moving on 15th. Which is in less than a week. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I couldn’t wait and therefore started packing as soon as I got back from London which means that right now everything is full of boxes and bubble wrap… massive fun.

So what else happened after the last post? I finished my exams and everything went super smooth. Right after my last exam I went to see my granparents in north Germany for a few weeks, did my IELTS in cologne, flew to London, found a flat, came back, started packing an here I am.

Bad news is: I ordered a DSLR from a guy back in July, waited anxiously for the package to arrive just to realize that the box was empty. Of course your first thought is: fuck. I’ve been fooled. He’s got the money and now he sends me an empty box. I didn’t want to believe what seemed to be so obious because I had contact with him all the time, had his mobile nr., his adress, his bank details, everything. After doing some research at our local post office I found out that you get a reciept when handing in an insured packet where it tells you how much it weighed when given to the post. I asked the guy to send me a copy of the reciept and there it was: 2,5kg. It weight less than 0,5kg when it arrived here. We took a closer look at the box and really you could see that it had been cut open at the bottom and re-taped. Someone at DHL (German Packet Deliverer) opened the box, took out the camera, taped it again and send it on his way. Shock. How could it be? What kind of person does that? I googled “theft DHL” and hundreds of results came up. It happens all the time. Mostly with electronic articles. You pay extra money to insure your item and somebody just steals it. I was devastated and I still am. We obviously claimed the incident at DHL the same day but things are getting more and more annoying. The first time we gave all the documents together with the box to DHL it came back two days later saying that all documents got lost. Fury. Now every other day another letter arrives saying that they want some other document. Bureaucracy at it’s best. It’s september now and still no end in sight. But I won’t give up. I’ll be persistent until I’ve got my money back. We live in a world where you can’t trust anyone. Sad fact.

As you might understand this whole story really pissed me off. Plus all the other trouble of exams and house hunting really put  me off and blogging was the last thing I could think about.

Good news is: I’ve got my cam now. After all the trouble I got my EOS 500D from the shop, no more half hearted crap. Finally. Soooo happy. It’s absolutely beautiful and the pictures are beyond amazing. Big, big love.

I’ll make it up to you guys and try and post as often as I can in future. And stay tuned for loads of high quality pics from now on! :D

129i (One of my first shots haha!)


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