Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 o’clock tea

224Ostfriesen Tee.

IMG_8048IMG_8083 IMG_8088

Nom nom n0m. Sachertorte… ^^ Who does not love a piece of choclate cake?

My family comes from the north where it is tradition to drink a special kind of black tea. All the time; breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, in the afternoon, at dinner… literally every time you sit down. But I really cherish this tradition and evryone who ever tried it, loves it too.

You need special cups like the one above, they are really small and you can hardly get there apart from up north. Then u put a cube of Kandis sugar inside and pour the tea on top. You will hear the sugar break and then you add a dash of cream. The cream will rise in the cup like little clouds… traditionally you are not supposed to stir it, in order to drink from cream to bitter to sweet but we like it better stirred. :) Once you have tried it, you won’t drink any other tea!

What traditions do you still celebrate?




  1. As a tea drinker rather than coffee this sounds yummy and those cakes look very delicious too xoxo

  2. Sooo hungry now :) after seeing the cake and the tea :) Yummy!

    Happy New Year :)


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