Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Here we go; Christmas Eve. As you can see, the tree here is quite a lot bigger but it had to in order to fill the room properly. Unfortunately the candles were not lit yet in the first picture, only the fairy lights were on. Somehow must of our presents were wrapped in red this year... ^^

It was such a lovely evening, I really enjoy being united with all my loved ones over Christmas. On monday my sister and I are going to head north to visit the rest of the family. I hope we'll have ice-free roads! My mom loves it when we have our hair up so I decided to do the milk maid braids again. ;) This is what I wore:



  1. Wow your room and tree looks amazing so Christmassy and you look so cute with your milkmaid braids gorgeous pictures xoxo

  2. hey i just came across your blog, i love it! I'm gonna follow u!

    Im in london too, what do u study?


  3. not sure i could do business, i did economics for 2 years and got sick of that lol.

    you have jan exams? Poor you!!! I've only got them in summer so I've got some time to breath although I've got so much reading to do it's insane! I dont feel motivated at all lol.


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