Thursday, February 3, 2011

paper plane

paper-plane-overnight-bag-4196-p I saw this bag in a store close to Portobello Road back in Summer and although I totally adore it, it’s just not that I would spend that much money on a bag that is not versatile enough to go with any outfit. Plus, it’s not really my style. But I still looooove just looking at it. Actually, I love the whole range:pptravelpass-tile paper-plane-cosmetric-purse-4209-p-tile Adorable right? Makes you wanna take all of these beauties, pack your suitcase and travel where ever the wind will lead you.

And then I found this:

1fb6da8301e2c4057773b2668e2ffd15b26xgxTrust me; I’ve seen this in a German magazine about two years ago, had cut it out and glued to my desk! Seriously! I remember it had an internet adress where you could buy it but I didn’t connect it to Paper Plane until now. I didn’t realize it’s the same brand! Whatever bla bla, I NEED it. It’s a cosmetic/wash bag in case you have no clue.

So this is a TINY HINT for anyone who is still looking for a birthday present for me. I know, it’s in April, there is still plenty of time, just wanted to give you a tiny hint in advance. It’s £19.99 on Amazon btw. Just in case.


  1. Ich liebe paper plane und überlege schon seit Monaten mir diesen tollen Kulturbeutel zu kaufen :) Er steht hier noch im Laden. Mal schauen.

  2. this is so adorable! perfect for a travel buff :) great blog girl -- definitely following xo

    hope you'll visit/follow me too !

  3. this is probably one of the most inspiring posts I've seen in a while! the antique feel plus the traveling message! i love it!

  4. That's a really cute concept :) Very original

  5. I LOVE it! Want one as well!! So sweet, all of them. Wow. Thanks for showing. Btw: Glad you got your old header back, it looks so nice!

  6. So sorry! :( I used to translate but as no one was from the UK or the US, I ended up by no posting any translation.
    Um, in the entry you commented I was talking about a new shopping in Buenos Aires called Tortugas Open Mall which is beautiful more than the last built (DOT BAIRES SHOPPING) and how great is the change my favourite brands have changed (you might not know them: 47 street, muaa & como quieres que te quiera). There, I also "met" ZARA and AY NOT DEAD; the first one is amazing and i wouldn't even imagine it was (scottish, jean, leather dresses, dress-shapped coats, leather and jean vests, etcetera). And what i bought is on the pictures :).
    Next time, i think you'll be able to understand :) xoxo

  7. Danke, dir auch Frohes Neues :)

    und die Sachen sind ja Hammer, ich mag sie alle, Briefumschläge lösen bei mir immer Fernweh aus :)

  8. love the post :)

    I'm your new follower
    will you follow me back please?

    daily new post at

  9. What a cute bag! Creative!

  10. love all of them !!

    besuch mich doch mal..würde mich freuen! ♥

  11. cool stuff <3
    we love london and your header is fantastic !

    xx, tany and nati <33

  12. I do agree the range is fab. Wish i lived in London:)


  13. thanks for your lovely comment! oh my god, these are the coolest things i have ever seen and if we were friends i would totally get you one for your birthday

    follow me and ill follow you :)



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