Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lace, cream, crochet and peter pan

New Look is quickly becoming one of my favourite High Street reatailers, just look at all of these fab pieces! They sure know what is bang on trend right now: crochet, lace, cream and peter pan collars! Throw in the obligatory flatform and a killer wedge and your good to go for spring!

These are some of the things that wandered into my virtual basket lately but I didn’t order anything (yet :P ) because I am leaving for San Francisco next wednesday! Whoop Whoop! So I need to save my money for some amazing vintage shopping over there and generally all the stuff that’s planned (LAS VEGAS BABY!).

The lace crochet top and the envelope clutch are two things I really wanna get though, aren’t they pretty?

b01 – Strappy Wedge , 02 – Sailor Peter Pan Dress , 03 - Cable Knit Boyfriend Cardigan, 04 – Lace Peter Pan Top, 05 – Envelope Clutch, 06 - Wooden Strappy Sandal , 07 – Crochet Peter Pan Tunic, 08 – Crochet Poncho

I don’t know about other countries but those particular Zara Wedges were huge in Germany last year and the year before and I was quite surprised to see a similar pair on New Look’s website:   kujk

I doubt they will be as good qualtiy as the Zara ones and the Heel looks different but for this price it’s quite a steal!

Anyways, I gotta get back to my assignement. Have a nice day everyone!


p.s: they’ve got free shipping today! ;)


  1. Gonna pop over to New Look now and have a little nose. Fab picks and howamazing to be going to San Francisco your are going to have so much fun vintage shopping cant wait to see what you buy xoxo

  2. yes yes yeeeeees!! <3 wonderful!.)

  3. am montag bin ich da :) aber ich habe einen teamman, den ich dort organisiert habe, das wird knapp, weil ich am freitag alleine rum gehen darf, wir fahren ja mit ner gruppe
    wollte das noch dir sagen:( sau blöd:((

  4. wow die Wedges würde ich gerne haben! Also die auf dem 1. Bild! :)

    ♥ Verena-Annabella

  5. Ahh! the dresses and that lace shirt are so beautiful!!!Exactly my style!! You should get them!!!! If not for you then for me :)

  6. heey süße :)
    Ich würde mich echt gerne mit dir treffen - aber ich bin leider nur 2 Tage in London :( Bin mit meiner Klasse dort & ein Tag ist nur mit Sehenswürdigkeiten usw. vollgestopft & der andere Tag höchstwahrscheinlich auch :/ aberrr falls sich etwas neues ergibt kann ich dir ja schreiben :)
    danke für dein liebes kommentar süße <3


  7. you blog looks so cute, follow each other?


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