Tuesday, May 31, 2011

off to bremen.

IMG_5593IMG_5584IMG_5589 IMG_5586IMG_5590IMG_5591 (Hat, Cardigan – New Look / Shirt, Shorts, Boots – Vintage / Bag – Next / Locket – Topshop / Rings – Asos)

Hello everybody!! ^^

I am enjoying my time of although it has been busier than expected… instead of sleeping and chilling I’ve been running around all the time and tomorrow morning(6.40 am –.-‘ ) is my flight to Bremen where I will be visiting my grandparents before I head back home in a few days. Saturday was a lot of fun so sunday morning I felt a bit hangover (not used to it anymore after all this studying! :D ) but I still gathered the pieces of my shattered body to meet some friends down in Canada Water to have Sushi. You know, you can never have enough Sushi! ;)

Yesterday started off with an early start in a friend’s warehouse were I picked up a couple of samples of his Make Up Brand to do a product shoot. From there we went to Westfield (OMG; it’s huge!) to get some baby stuff for a friend of mine who is due in a couple of weeks. We probably should have considered that it was bank holiday because it was so annoyingly crowded, I didn’t stand more than 10 min in any of the high street shops. I wish I could show you some pics of the boys in the toyshop, it was so hilarious – grown men getting all exited over toys! Anyways, we grabed what we liked and left the shopping center as soon as possible and went to see the bespoke friend.

After running one million errands today I am finally home and ready to start packing (no, I haven’t started yet) before I have to leave around 4 in the morning to the airport. Phew. Probably no sleep for me then…


Sorry Leute, ich übersetz den Text so bald wie möglich, jetzt muss ich erst mal packen, heute nacht gehts auf zum Flughafen, um 6.40 geht mein Flug nach Bremen!



  1. Schönes Outfit, dein Cardigan ist toll.


  2. I love this look!the shirt the necklace and the hat are awesome.these light brown colours are perfect for you.

  3. I want your HAT!!!!
    you looks so chic !!!

  4. Gahhh you look amazing! Love the hat. Hope you're having a fun trip. Sally x

  5. tja mit dem Platzproblem sprichst du mir aus der Seele :) Aber diese Tasche hat es mir einfach angetan, vor allem sieht sie nicht so "billig" aus wie eine typische H&M-Tasche. Sieht echt gut aus :)

    ♥ Verena-Annabella

  6. Love your outfit!
    - http://xtheperfectmess.blogspot.com

  7. tolles outfit! ich liebe deinen hut <3
    lg summer

  8. Love your outfit, very chic ;) <3

  9. you look gorgeous!! :D
    love your cardigan, such a nice colour

  10. Love your hat!!!
    Cool outfit!!

  11. I have been looking for a cute polka-dotted top like you are wearing! Too bad yours is vintage, or I would order the same one! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!



  12. I love your outfit - that polka-dot top is so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  13. Great outfit. I adore your hat, is super cute!

    Hugs from:

  14. These are such beautiful photos! I love it!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  15. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i know it was so weird seeing people actually asleep on the tube, surely a lot of people forget to wake up? i'd love to get my tongue pierced, i'd be so scared though, isn't it meant to be the most painful piercing and you have to eat soup for a while!
    your hair looks really pretty, i'm so happy the ombre phase has died out because everyone was talking about it, i'm getting it done for my birthday, did you do yours yourself? xxx

  16. you look so vintage!
    i love it!
    like your style girl


  17. Hört sich voll aber spaßig an. Viel Spaß in good old Germany :-)
    Und das Gefühl, nach einem Lernmarathon zurück in die Realität geschleudert zu werden, kenne ich nur allzu gut. Das steht mir jetzt dann auch demnächst bevor:-)


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