Saturday, October 29, 2011

vintage pick ‘n’ mix

IMG_9209 IMG_9213IMG_9215-horz IMG_9210My neighbours cat came to say hello. IMG_9223 IMG_9224 IMG_9225

(Coat and Shirt - Vintage / Hat and Rings – Primark / Skirt - Forever 21 / Bag & Cardigan - H&M/ Shoes - Topshop)


Hello Lovelies! ^^

When it comes to any event happening in East London, Kerstin is my top insider. A couple of days ago, she posted about 2 Vintage events that were taking place around Shoreditch today. So although she couldn’t come ‘cause she was working, I had to check them out.  When I left the house this morning to go to the Vintage Pick ‘n Mix event, the sun was shining and there was not one cloud in the sky.

The event was in Hanbury Street, close to the Truman brewery where the Up Market is taking place every Sunday. The idea was that you would get one kilo of clothes for just 15 quid so I skimmed through endless racks of vintage clothes and ended up getting so many nice things. I was over 1kg because of the coat you can see in these pics (it’s green IRL, dunno why it looks grey on the photos…) so he gave me all together for £20! The coat is probably the best buy, it’s huge but I love it! PLUS the weather turned cloudy and colder later today so it saved me from freezing!

Back in Brick Lane a girl was handing out flyers for a second kilo sale I didn’t know about just off Brick Lane so I had to go and check it out too… and came out with another 2 bags for £15 cause they had a “buy one kg get one free” deal going on! How cool is that?

Initially I planned on going to the Dalston Vintage Fair too but with 2 kg of clothes in each hand I was only thinking about getting home. People must have thought I am homeless, carrying all my belongings with me haha!

Now I’ve got to hurry to get ready for Halloween, my costume is a last minute idea from yesterday, I’ll show you tomorrow! ;)



Hallo ihr Lieben!

War heute bei 2 verschiedenen Vintage Kilo Sales in Ost London! Die liebe Kerstin hat hier darüber gebloggt, da musste ich mir das ganze mal genauer anschauen. Wie ihr seht hab ordentlich was gefunden, unter anderem den Mantel auf diesen Bildern (der in Realität eigentlich grün ist und nicht grau… ^^).  Eigentlich wollte ich danach noch auf die Dalston Vintage Fair aber mit 4kg Klamotten am Arm wollt ich dann doch nur noch heim. Im Endeffekt hab ich für alles zusammen £35 bezahlt, nicht schlecht, wa? :D

Jetzt muss ich mich mal langsam für die Halloween Party heute Nacht fertig machen, mein Kostüm ist ein spontaner Einfall von gestern, ich zeig euch morgen was es nun geworden ist! ;)


n9ftl   My booty.


  1. I'm swooning over your polka dot skirt - how incredibly beautiful. So floaty and feminine. The vintage events sound exciting, I wish that sort of stuff took place around my area!

  2. ich war heut auch bei dem vintage sale in der hanbury street...da gabs aber nur noch schreckliche c&a klamotten...aber ich glaube ich war auch viel zu spät dran!

  3. dein outfit ist wirklich ur schön! (: viel spaß bei der halloween party ;)


  4. ahhh i love your rings!
    ~niki from the young and immortal

  5. I love your skirt! Your outfit is amazing ♥♥
    xoxo Laura

  6. I love outfits like yours with a lot of layering, the skirt is so cute :)

    Oooh that sounds like such a lovely event! I wish we had stuff like that here, I'm a big fan of vintage items :)

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  7. 4 Kilo Klamotten für so wenig Geld? ich bin echt neidisch :)

  8. oooooooooooooh ich hab auf der hanbury street gewohnt! und meine beste freundin wohnt in dalston xD
    ach ich vermisse ldn so sehr♥♥
    schöne dinge hast du da an!:)

  9. Ich will ich will ich will die Ringe!

  10. you look fabulous :) Your whole outfit is perfect for autumn! xx

  11. wow! so many "kilos" for that price? How cool really. I love vintage markets, and don't worry you're probably not the one carrying all that stuff with you haha. 2 months ago i went to flea market with my friends and got soo many thing for nothing of money and i carried those bags all across the town haha.
    will you show your picks later on some post?
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  12. Schönes Outfit, besonders der Rock hat es mir angetan. Die Länge ist nämlich super! Muss die Augen nach etwas Ähnlichem offenhalten!
    Liebe Grüße :)

  13. Du glaubst gar nicht, wie neidisch ich jetzt bin! Aber hey, danke für's Verlinken!


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