Friday, November 18, 2011

tea at hampton court

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Mommy is here! Yay!
If you actually read what I write, you’ll remember that my mom is here over the weekend, which I was really exited about. She’s been to London a couple of times (and even lived here herself in the 70’s – how cool is that?) so we don’t have to do the usual Sightseeing stuff but instead go to all those places you wouldn’t go to if you’re only here for 4 days. Today, that was Hampton Court.
Hampton Court was one of the many residences of King Henry VIII, generally more famous for his 6 wifes than for his impact on English history. Some of you might have seen the hit series “The Tudors", where Henry is played by hottie Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Fortunately, the producers decided to tweak the facts a little bit and only cast hot people (seriously, the whole series, you’ll never find an “authenticly ugly” person…) which I guess was a good decision in terms of viewers… or which of these guys do you prefer? :D


I did love the show but nothing compares to going to Hampton Court yourself and getting a glimpse of how life must have been back then.

If you take the train from Waterloo, you’ll be there in about 30min and you’ll get two tickets for one! I highly suggest anyone who is interested in history to go there, it’s been my second time and I still can’t get enough! Most of it is still in it’s original state from Henry’s time and the audio guide (which is free with the admission) gives you all the interesting details. There are also actors (look at that spitting image of Henry!) playing different scenes throughout the day and it’s a really great experience.

Ironically, we finished the day off with a pint in one of my local pubs called “The Queens”! Haha!



  1. ...

    that's made you feeling like a Queen ?

    ciao ave

  2. I used to live nearby Hampton Court. It's lovely!

  3. Wow :) Hört sich super an :) Wie viele genau kostet der Eintritt und wie viel Zeit sollte man für einen Besuch einplanen? Ich liebe die Geschichte der Tudors (hab sogar meine Facharbeit drüber geschrieben) und komme im Januar endlich wieder nach London. Da darf ein wenig Henry VIII nicht fehlen :)

    Marie ♥

  4. wow! I wish I had the money to go to the UK and to visit all the places and see such historical places!
    Nice shots, and outfit,
    (Damn how Jonathan hot is!!)
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  5. It sounds like a great experience for you and your mom! I went there once when I visited England and it was really beautiful and interesting to see!

  6. wow, those pictures bring me to old days....wonderful experiences!

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  7. how stunning!
    happy thanksgiving!

    xoxo from rome

  8. you look great and these photos are really breathtaking!


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