Thursday, November 10, 2011

still looking for the perfect winter coat?

Still out and about in your trusty denim vest or battered leather jacket? Agreed, you do look good but winter is almost here and it might be time to get yourself wrapped up in one of this seasons trend coats. Here are a few suggestions:


1) River Island        2) Topshop        3)Topshop        4) Miss Selfridge

Topping this year’s hot list are definately nice long coats with fake fur lapels. The mix of wool coat and fur lapel will keep you stylish AND warm this winter. Go for earthy tones to match pretty much all your outfits and to keep it classic. If you’re on a budget, try throwing a fake fur stole over one of your old winter coats to give it a new look or check out your local charity shops for vintage pieces.

21) Topshop       2)New Look       3) Topshop       4) New Look

Bordeaux and Burgundy; Berry Colours are all over the high street at the moment. Add a dash of colour to your wardrobe with these wonderful numbers. Plus you won’t have to worry too much about spilling your mulled wine. ;)


1) New Look       2) Miss Selfridge       3) River Island       4) Dorothy Perkins

Animal print fur coats are still big this season, so if you still have your trusty leopard print coat from last year, don’t be afraid to wear it! These kind of coats are not for shy peeps as they pretty much scream “Look at me!”. But don’t let the print put you off, they are actually very versatile and wearable. This years on-trend addition to the family are dalmation spots – if you don’t want to go full force try adding dalmation accessories to your look for an instant wardrobe update.


1) Topshop       2) New Look       3) Miss Selfridge       4) River Island

The Parka is definately a wardrobe staple and every girl should have one. Parkas are versatile and stylish and always on trend. Ideal to make the transition from autumn to winter, these weather resistant beauties will keep you warm and dry in wind and snow. Charactaristic for a proper Parka is a nice fur-lined hood and big front pockets to burry your hands in. Traditionally Parkas were used by the military which is why they are usually green but if you wan’t to go for a more sophisticated look, there is plenty of other colours to choose from!


1) Topshop       2) Miss Selfridge       3) Miss Selfridge       4) Dorothy Perkins

Don’t be afraid to invest in a nice duffle coats because they are, like Parkas, always on trend. These classic coats are usually made from a thick wollen material and closed with a number of toggle-fastenings at the front. This year’s duffle coats come in all kinds of shades and with a hood or without but mostly with a bit of fake fur. A duffle gives every outfit an instant twist because of the detailing on the front in combination with the classic cut.

1    1) Miss Selfridge       2) Dorothy Perkins       3) Miss Selfridge       4) Topshop

Speaking of classic cuts, with these coats you simply can’t go wrong. The classic coat shape single- or double-breasted will be with you for all times and through all trends. Keep it simple and classic and invest in a one-coloured coat either in black or brown to go with everything. Or try one of this season’s trends and go for contrast – either contrasting sleeves or, a bit mor subtile, a contrasting lapel. Again you can update these by throwing on a fur stole and transforming it into an on-trend piece.


  1. nice selection! i love the first one from the classic cuts :)

  2. I love your section of berry colors. The first one looks like it'd be really versatile. What I'm really into is a muted color trench coat. I feel like that could last a while no matter what trends are going on. :)

    Looks like a lot of effort when into this post though. High five!

    Castle Fashion

  3. they look all beautiful!! thanks for sharing them : )


  4. nice post! love the coats you selected, particularly the duffel and classics! i'm still trying to put off wearing my huge big coats but my goosebumps are telling me that won't last much longer.. haha :) great blog btw!

    B xx

  5. Oh all these coats are so lovely! I really need to invest in a pretty winter coat!

  6. Die sehen fast alle gut aus. Früher habe ich Fell nicht ausstehen können. Aber mittlerweile finde ich, dass es doch ganz gut aussieht. Würde aber nur Kunstfell/ -pelz tragen. Parkas liebe ich auch über alles. Und seit deinem Post auch die Duffle Coats :-)

  7. ILook here nice winter collection

  8. That's such a great a post! Makes it so much easier the next time I go coat-shopping. I might invest in a duffle coat or a trench :)


  9. Wow sind richtig schöne Mäntel, könnte mich glaub gar nicht entscheiden :/ Brauch auch noch was für den Winter..!

    Ich hatte eigentlich einen anderen, der hatte so pink/rote Rosen war schwarz und hatte grüne Blätter. Aber den find ich jetzt noch viel viel toller :) <3 Danke!

  10. I love the first berry one and all of the parkas!

  11. Tolle Auswahl an Jacken! Ich finde ja so gut wie alle total toll :)

  12. I love love the fur collars, so nice and cozy looking!!

    Id love for you to follow my blog, let me know and Ill be sure to follow you back!

    Cant wait,

  13. Just to let you know, your blogger profile picture is wicked!!!

    x Aliya

  14. too much fashion too handle!
    wow, what an amazing items,
    love from the first coats the 3th one the most

    New outfit post -

  15. gorgeous styles, my favourite's the parka!
    diggin' your blog too, now a follower :)

    follow back? eye_spy

  16. Nice blog! I love parkas!! :)

  17. ach die sind alle toll <3 woher bekomm ich das geld und wie schaff ich platz für all die neuen freunde? :D

  18. These are nice picks with wide variety of selection. Among these, we love the duffle coats. They are simple and yet cozy to wear. The fur details gives an additional warmth.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  19. oh my god i think i love them ALL

  20. danke für deinen post auf meinem blog (: schöne mantel-auswahl, paar sehr schöne dabei :) hast dir echt viel mühe gemacht, mach weiter so ich lese deinen blog total gerne (: grüße aus london nach london ;) <3

  21. aww time for winter coats!!!!!it's always so hard to decide which to get during this season!cuz there're way too many amazing coats to choose!


  22. Oh gosh so impossible to choose, I really like the berry coloured ones xxx

  23. I love all of your suggestions! Favorite being the first series. :-)
    strawberry freckleface

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  25. I really really like the last coats with different details on sleeves !


  26. great selection! i can't believe it's already winter coat season.

  27. Die könnten alle so in meinen Kleiderschrank einziehen!!ALLE!!
    Annie von

  28. Thanks for suggestions, I've been searching for a perfect coat/parka but I can't seem to find it, and in Topshop/Miss Selfridhe/Dorothy Perkins they only have few of them left and those are too big sizes for me or too small :/
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  29. wow just LOVE 1 and 4 from the fur lapel coats in the beginning! thanks for the research now i'll just have to work on deciding between the 2! hehe


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