Thursday, April 5, 2012

bloody gray snow

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On Tuesday, Van Ahn and me went to the Bloody Gray and Snow PR press days. While everything at Bloody Gray was really creative and extraordinary (and maybe mainly unwearable), Snow showcased brands that were mainly wearable and suitable for a day in the office.

Most of the collections at Bloody Gray were not really my cup of tea, however, a couple of designers really caught my eye. my absolute favourite was k.brat, the designer told us everything about the collection and was so nice and approachable. The collection called “The Sinister Crawl” was inspired by insects (all the bug designs are her own) and she used draping on the hips to resemble the shape of bug wings. She mixed a lot of materials; especially silk, wool and a special japanese hide that was incredibly soft. Everything was so beautiful and detailed, I would die to own every single piece! Check out the collection here!

The Haizen Wang collection was all in all dark with futuristic cuts and a mix of materials, I really liked the dress with the furry hat, something I would expect if Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen would do a collaboration. Brian was showcasing heels that were more like (and heavy as) sculptures and we gazed at beautiful headpieces. Erevos Aether’s new collection looks like it’s made for a galaxy goddess, loads of black and shiny materials on futuristic cuts. Even though I could not think of an event I would wear it to, I really loved the dress with that “middle spine” – I guess it reminds me a bit of Akasha’s dress from Queen of the Damned (I love that movie)?

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Snow PR was showcasing a number of brands that a lot of you will already have heard about but also some up and coming designers. Most of you will probably know Bitching and Junkfood, designed by Kath (Australian) and Marion (Irish), who are famous for their revamped cut-off Levis.

Negarin had a lot of quirky prints; I especially loved those sequin shorts! We came across a Danish Brand Baum und Pferdgarten (which is such a German name…) and I have to admit that I liked the collection a lot more once I watched the lookbook later on. At first I found it quite plain but put together it’s quite nice. Still more like a Mango/Zara lookbook if you ask me. Same with the Gestuz collection, simple and maybe a little bit too “safe” for my taste but they do have some really nice leather pieces such as the leather sleeved jacket and that dress. Helen Steele’s collection was a bit too much with the exeption of that neon splash dress shown above.

After all I was quite surprised about the PPQ collection – seeing it on the rails I wasn’t really fussed about it and some of the pieces where a bit “wtf”? but now that I saw the lookbook to it on the CD we were given I am actually quite amazed!  I love all of the dresses, kind of reminds me of Dior especially because of the styling and the overall 50ies look. The grey, foaty number above was my favourite on the rail but now I that I’ve seen the pictures from the runway it’s getting hard to decide! I even love the white body!

What do you think, which one is your favourite?



  1. ui, du warst ja mit van anh da :) wirklich tolle eindrücke und wunderschöne teile! besonders die shorts mit den kreuzen! :))

    xoxo International Romwe Giveaway :)

  2. wow, der Shop sieht ja hammermässig aus! Und tolle Kleidung :D Das Kleid auf dem 3. Bild ist mein absoluter Favorit! :)

  3. Love the shorts with the crosses on and if I thought that I could even wa;k in those silver heeled shoes I'd be wanting them straight in my wardrobe :) xx

  4. Na kamen dir die Bitching and Junkfood Shorts bekannt vor?

  5. getragen sehen die Sachen von PPQ schon besser aus. Trotzdem find ich diese Strampler/Body Dinger nicht so schoen. XD


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