Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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Hello Strangers!
Well I guess I am the stranger here – given that I haven’t posted in aaaages. Well one of the reasons is the above – I am a Graduate! My ceremony was last Monday and with it my University days are over. At least for the moment.
I have been working in Media Buying for the last few months after my last exams (another reason for my absence) and I really enjoy it; I have the most amazing collegues you could wish for and most of them have become very good friends despite the short time that we have known each other. I will be very sad when the day comes that I am leaving for Shanghai but since then I will make the most of each day.
Time has flown in the last couple of weeks. The 9-5 life has its perks (such as more money and not coming home just to sit down and study again) but it also means no days off, less time for friends (and shopping) and no outfit posts. Office dress code is so boring! On top of that I don’t really have a lot of office-appropriate clothes. As a result there is not much to show on how I dress each day – unless you are keen on black trousers and a shirt kind of posts…
I do, however, accumulate quite a lot of pictures from my weekends and I highly intend to post them all. If I just wasn’t so busy after work every day! Hmpf – Adult life is hard! :D
So here is to a new chapter in my life – and hopefully some more blog posts! ;)


  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :)
    Siehst toll aus!

  2. Sehr schöner Blog, gefällt mir wirklich gut :)

    Liebe Grüße

  3. You look lovely ! Congrats ;)


  4. Alles gute :) !,

    Ich fange gerade selbst an etwas zu bloggen & bin auf der suche nach interessanten Blogs als kleine inspirationsquelle..
    & ich muss sagen...ich LIEBE deinen Blog.
    Besonders gut gefallen mir die Bilder, die du machst..von deinen Reisen usw. Dein style ist auch wunderbar. :>

    Bin also gespannt auf die nächsten Einträge.

    Liebe Grüße !


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