Tuesday, November 6, 2012

sunday brunch

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Brrrrr – it’s getting coooold outside! These are still some pictures from another sunday morning at Breakfast Cafe with my lovely Sara (who I miss incredibly!) from warmer times. I went for the avocado and bacon bloomer this time - awesomest! Although the guys on the next table made me pretty jelous – pancake, banana and bacon with maple sirup? Sounds so wrong and so good. Next time.

BTW. I was wondering – you know that I am working in an office atm, however they are not too strict on the dresscode (aka I don’t have to wear costumes and pencil skirts). So I was wondering if anyone has any tips for good blogs etc to get some inspiration for good work outfits? And would you like to see what I wear?

Let me know in the comments, cheers!


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  1. Mhhhh Breakfest Club! So very yummy! I'll be in London too next week and might pop in as well. There is just so much good food in London, I could just eat there all the time :-D

    I would love to see your office outfits for sure! I am myself working as a designer, so I think people even expect me to dress a little bit crazy for work. Most of the outfits I show on my blog find the way into the office too. :-D

    Have a great week! xx Sara


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