Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Instagram Diary

IMG_20131204_132842   IMG_20131208_181108   IMG_20131211_012201

Exploring the Hutongs          Getting into the Christmas spirit      Gorgeous sunsets over Beijing

IMG_20131213_111300   IMG_20131211_013503   IMG_20131215_134219

   Taking selfies at work…              Prechristmas treat to myself          Great Party – Great Friends

IMG_20131220_153310   IMG_20131216_161539   IMG_20131208_123204

Gigantic Unicorn in Dongzhimen      China is not doing it halfhearted          Cozy Sunday afternoon

IMG_20131218_141827   IMG_20131211_200623   IMG_20131219_161115 

Decorating the tree at work               Sashimi all you can eat           The mountains outside Beijing

IMG_20131219_160411   IMG_20131212_134924   IMG_20131220_153633

    Stopover in Amsterdam                So excited for Christmas!             Do I have all presents yet?

I really love these little Instagram diaries and thought I’d start doing them on a regular basis. Right now I am taking advantage of the fact that I am at home and able to use Live writer. Lots of posts coming soon hahaha!

So this is a little recap of the last 2 weeks or so…

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