Monday, December 30, 2013

it’s a wrap – 2013 in instagram pictures

2013 bannerabcde
Well that was 2013 then. A lot has happened for me this year and I think it was definitely one of the most eventful years this far.
  • I packed my bags, moved out of my flat, said goodbye to dear friends and my home for 4 years – LONDON.
  • Arriving in CHINA was a culture shock as well as a climatic one – freezing and polluted, snow until March.
  • Guess what; nobody speaks English. Getting around is difficult but not impossible. New friends make the whole experience more fun and less overwhelming.
  • Spring is coming! Yay! And 25 degrees in April.
  • It’s my birthday! Far away from home but in best company.
  • Many great gatherings in parks, festivals (GREAT WALL MUSIC FESTIVAL with David Guetta ehem), lakes and whenever the pollution lets us.
  • My first trip outside Beijing – SHANGHAI!
  • New family member: HAZEL <3
  • One week SOUTH KOREA! Loved Seoul and all the people I met along the way.
  • Saying goodbye to one of my dearest friends too early…
  • Trying to bear the heat – Paintball in 35 degrees wasn’t our brightest idea…
  • Another new family member in our flat: Cookie!
  • Holidays at home - visiting my sister in beautiful VIENNA for Oktoberfest.
  • Can’t get enough – mini Oktoberfest in Beijing!
  • Had heaps of fun dressing up for a 20ies style party at Suzie Wong (PICTURES SOON!)
  • Blogger meet ups in the capital.
  • Found a new job at my dream company.
  • Had an incredible HALLOWEEN 2013 – dressing up as Lady Gaga and Cat woman.
  • Business trip to CHENGDU and holidays in HONG KONG.
  • Very thankful for the many great FRIENDS I made in China.
  • Flying back to Germany for the Holidays. Lovely Christmas with my family and my favorite gift: A Fujifilm Instax Mini! :)
How was your 2013? Did you reach all your goals that you set yourself in 2012?
I hope your 2013 was fantastic and that 2014 may be even better!
Happy new year!


  1. super schöne Bilder! Wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch und alles Liebe für 2014!


  2. Beautiful blog. Love your pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog. Will follow you on Bloglovin if you're on it! :)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment :)

    Wanna follow each other on GFC??

    Just let me know and I will follow back right away

  4. Your photos look amazing, China is one of those places I would love to visit, I am not surprised you found it a little bit of a shock, a few friends who have travelled they have been surprised.
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  5. Wow tolle Fotos. Du hattest ja echt ein super Jahr. Meines war recht bescheiden und ich bin froh das es jetzt vorbei ist. Wünsch die einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und alles beste für 2014.

    xx glamdevils

  6. Die Bilder sind wirklich toll!!
    Ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr! :)
    Liebst Any

  7. Ich finde es einfach so klasse, dass Du 4 Jahre in China verbringst. 4 Jahre lang, wirklich Respekt vor soviel Mut. Von ganzem Herzen weiterhin viel Glück für Dich!

    Alles Liebe für Dich von Rena

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  8. You have had quite the 2013!! A huge move is such an accomplishment. Wishing you all the best in 2014!

  9. Very nice blog. Beautiful pics :-))


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