Sunday, January 19, 2014

sunday update #2

Hey lovelies!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I’s been around one and a half weeks since I am back in China and it’s been hell busy as expected.
I am back at my new job and dived right into many new projects so it’s all very exiting and fun! I sure hope it stays that way because people keep telling me that every job starts out great and then the routine catches up with you and once the excitement cools down it gets a bit boring after a while. I am however determined not to let that happen… and fortunately there are some business trips and cool events lined up so I guess it won’t be boring for a while!
Meanwhile the weather is bad. Really bad. And when you are talking weather in China you usually don’t mean the sun and rain but the pollution. January is famous for being one of the worst months in the year pollution wise and it just hit a year’s high of over 600 – the highest score since January 2013. Just to put that into perspective for you – that’s 52 times the recommended score by the World Health Association. So going out is not that fun (plus it is really freaking cold) so we spend most of our time indoors…
…which still doesn’t keep us from having fun! Last weekend we celebrated a friend’s birthday with a day on the go-kart course, Japanese munchies and a wild night in the clubs - and the next curing our hangovers with manicures and martinis. Oh and I got my hair cut – finally! About 10cm are off and I got blonder but I’ll show you the results another time…
This weekend my French flatmate moved out. It was sad to see him leave and not knowing who will move in next – but we celebrated it worthy of the time we spend together.
I am off to go Ice skating on Houhai now. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Saw -  The emperor’s groove – we love this for a movie night in, Pretty Little Liars – I got hooked! 
  • ListenedTom Odell – Another Love
  • Learned -   Chinese
  • Ate – Typical Chinese breakfast, and a massive French cheese fest at my French friends house!
  • Read -  Game of Thrones
  • Drank -  Too much at the farewell party…
  • Thought – I need to work out…
  • Wished -  That my boyfriend was back from his business trip already!
  • Bought -  nothing! I am resisting the Sales by just not entering any shop!
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