Friday, January 2, 2015

my ups and downs 2014

I wanted to do a little recap of 2014, but instead of doing a general rundown of my year, I decided to thing of the moments that made 2014 special and that will stand out from the rest. Here are my little highlights 2014:

The Highs:
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Adopting our dog Ally who had been literally scarred by life by her previous owner who made her fight other dogs for money. She developed from a shy and scared-by-every moment to a loving, playful puppy. It shows once more that the owner determines what the dog is like.

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One of my highlights of 2014 were the amazing events I was working at with my company – the best one being the AMG and G-Class Test drive in May in the desert of Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Driving through the sand dunes and riverbeds with the G-Class will be something I never forget. The SLS on the racing track wasn’t half bad too… ;)

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2014 was the year of trips – I got to get out of Beijing and explore the area around the capital a lot more. I climbed two different parts of the great wall and went hiking in the mountains north of Beijing every other weekend. The landscapes in China amaze me time and time again.

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Another thing on my bucket list of 2014 was to see some more cities in China – and the Ice and Snow festival in Harbin was on the very top. A city carved out of ice and gigantic snow sculptures – only in China! Qingdao was one of my favorites this year two. Probably my most fun weekend 2014 with my German roommates in a German-Chinese beer city!

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2014 was most definitely the year of amazing parties! My favorites are house parties – all your friends together, cheap endless booze and music you can choose! Better than any club in my opinion! Endlessly grateful for my friends in Beijing. Love you all loads!

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THE ONE AND ONLY most amazing thing that happened to me was being able to go and live 2 months in the US. From July to September 2014 I got to live one month in New York and one in LA. I had always dreamed about living in the big apple one day and didn’t even know how much I would fall in love with Los Angeles. Wish I could go back ASAP!

The lows….

Unfortunately 2014 was not just the year of travelling and happiness. Of course there are always days you’re feeling down but there are those days that just make you want to lay down and cry. 2014 I lost a dear friend, a brother… I will always remember you.

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  1. Eure Ally ist ja eine Hübsche, bloß gut, dass ihr sie adoptiert habt und Ally jetzt in guten Händen ist. :)
    liebst Elisabeth-Amalie


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