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Valentines Gift ideas

Valentines Gift ideas.

It’s that time of the year again! Valentines Day! I know the world is divided on this issue – it’s only commercial bullsh*t, right? Or is it?
Last year me and my boyfriend decided that we are not going to give each others gifts that day since we were on the side of the people who don’t want to give in in the mindless consumption just because everyone tells you to. Plus, why should you only show your partner once a year that you love them? Wouldn’t it be so much better to show each other your love randomly, with small gestures, maybe a rose every now and then?
So Valentine’s day 2014 came around and it was just another day of the year.
No presents.
No flowers.
Waiting for the subway I saw a girl holding a bunch of flowers and another one a ridiculous teddy bear the size of her torso. A guy rushing buy with a bouquet of – not flowers – teddy bears? Ok, this is typically awful Chinese taste, I won’t go into detail of the monstrosities that couples give each other.
But they got something. I know, I know. It’s so foreseeable, so cliché. But you know what? Sometimes you need cliché! You need to feel that you also have that special person thinking of you! Seeing all these couples and girls clinching to their gifts I decided I want Valentine’s day too. Even if I get a single rose. Agree or disagree, that’s my opinion. And if you are looking to give your special someone a special something, here are some inspirations!
  1. Flowers. If you are not getting your girl anything else, get her flowers. I know this is the most cliché of all gifts and the most overpriced on Valentine’s day but also the most romantic one! I have never met a girl that didn’t swoon over a bouquet of flowers!
  2. Lingerie. This is a difficult one. Only give her lingerie if you are 100% certain about the size or drama is coming your way. This also a gift to yourself as you get to enjoy it, too!
  3. Diamonds are a girls best friend! If you want to play it safe and are not sure what type of jewelry she likes go for the classics – Tiffany’s got you covered with timeless pieces like heart lockets or a classic bangle by Cartier! DO NOT give her a ring unless you are already married as this will give the girl some very clear ideas! Unless you do want to marry her. ASAP.
  4. If your girl is not too much into beauty or jewelry, go for something useful, like a phone cover, a mp3 player with her favorite music or, if you can, why not a new phone? Girls are into gadgets now, she might even be happy to get a controller so that she can join you on the Xbox!
  5. Watches are timeless. Again, go for a classic design to avoid mistakes! Rose gold is feminine and versatile, always a good idea for Valentine’s.
  6. Beauty products will make most girls very happy. Whether you go for a classic like perfume or nail polish, just make sure you know what she likes! If you don’t, ask the sales assistant for help or maybe let them package a little gift set of different things.
  7. Write her a letter, write her a card, tell her how much you love her. This will mean the most to her and shows you have put thoughts into the whole thing. If you are not too good with words, get her a nice print like this one that she can hang and have her remind her that she is loved.
Gifts for him

  1. Lingerie. Trust me, 99% of boyfriends will agree on this. Lingerie is one of the most mentioned things when it comes to gifts for men. He loves you, he loves your body. Nothing better than his girl in sexy lingerie. A gift he will love to unwrap!
  2. Most guys love their gadgets and their music. If you want to put a smile on his face and ease his daily commuting problems, get him a nice pair of headphones to drown out the noise. If he is very social, get him a portable speaker he can take to days in the park. If he like his computer games, a good quality headset with mic might be the best gift yet!
  3. Usually, guys won’t hang out in Sephora and read beauty blogs to know what to buy for their skincare needs. Most guys probably don’t even use moisturizer. That doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate nice smooth skin as much as we do! Help him out and give him some nice, high quality skin care products and you will see that he will use it every day. Perfumes go a long way too – and let’s face it – there is nothing better than a nice smelling, groomed man!
  4. If your significant other is an office man he most likely needs a good pen. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have some nice hand written love notes on the fridge soon! :)
  5. If you don’t live together yet and have not yet transformed every inch of his space with your female touch, get him a nice framed print for his (probably bare) walls. Men are usually not too fond of interior design but still appreciate a nice looking apartment. Make sure it’s something HE likes and can enjoy.
  6. There are few things sexier than a man in the morning having his coffee! A good coffee can wake the dead, invest in a nice coffee maker and you can both enjoy a little bliss in the morning!
I hope this guide gave you some inspiration if you are still looking for a good gift. But generally I’d love to know – do you celebrate Valentine’s day? What is the best gift you ever got?



  1. great post!
    I'll choose the coffee machine! hahaha! useful for the new apartment... just kidding! (its kinda crazy how much I stuck in the renovation)

    btw – wanna follow each other?;)

  2. Wow, deine Geschichte ist wahnsinnig beeindruckend! Ich bin ein Mensch, der sich soetwas nie trauen würde. Dazu habe ich einfach zu großes Heimweh. Und mich reizt es auch einfach nicht, in einem anderen Land zu leben. Trotzdem zolle ich jedem, der sich solch einen großen Schritt wagt, ganz viel Respekt und Anerkennung. Denn leicht ist sowas auf keinen Fall. Aber es stimmt, wenn man es machen möchte, muss man einfach den Mut zusammen nehmen und es durchziehen! :)

    Liebste Grüße,
    Lisa von Ash Blonde

  3. Tolle Ideen, die Ohrringe für Mädels finde ich besonders süß! Mit dem Schenken ist das ja immer so eine Sache, bin da im Gegensatz zu dir so unkreativ :(
    Liebste Grüße,

  4. Lovely post and amazing pictures!!
    Valentina :)

  5. Love the watch... I'm a very rational girl ;) Thanks for your comment on my blog !

  6. Ja krass ... das ist sicher abgefahren in Peking zu leben. Haben bestimmt schon viele geschrieben hier, aber ich bin ja neu :-D Ich glaub ich könnt das gar nicht, so einfach mal losziehen. Schon gar nicht wenn die Kultur so krass anders is. Ich mein ja vllt mal für ein paar Wochen, aber so richtig zum Leben?? Ich finds echt cool und beneide so einen Mut auch irgendwie echt! Was Valentinstag angeht. Das ist für mich echt ein ganz normaler Tag und ich hab da auch noch nie was bekommen, also nicht das ich wüsst und ich find das auch echt gut so. Ich mags einfach nicht, selbst wenn alle um mich herum irgendwas bekommen. Trotz allem muss ich zugeben, dass du echt tolle Sachen ausgesucht hast! Die Uhr ist echt mega hübsch!

  7. These are some really good gift ideas :-) although I wouldn't use them for Valentine's day haha I'm one of those Anti-Valentine's Day gift-giving people. I would appreciate flowers etc much more on a normal day, then on february 14th.

    xx Nina

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  9. Great gift ideas, amazing inspiration!
    I really like your blog, would you like to follow each other? :)

    Caro x

  10. Sehr schöne Idee :)
    Die Uhr finde ich wunderschön :)


  11. Amazing post!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  12. HAHA great post, I love how lingerie appeared on both lists ;) really great ideas and beautifully presented <3

    Natalie Lines Blog

  13. Yes, I follow you on gfc #609, follow back?

  14. richtig süßer Beitrag
    du solltest vielleicht nächstes mal auch einen "gifts for him" Eintrag machen
    gerade das fällt glaube ich den meisten Bloggerinnen schwer :)

    Hoffe du schaust auch mal bei mir vorbei <3

    1. Die "Gifts for him" findest du wenn du etwas runterscrollst im post! :)


  15. Can I please have all of these beautiful things. Even some of the ones for him? =D

  16. This has just saved my life! I had no idea what to get my boyfriend for valentines day, now I do! Thank you :)

    Hope you have a lovely week.

  17. Chloe Love is one of my favourite perfumes! Lovely post. xx

  18. Great selection! Love the Cartier bracelet and I adore all Chloe perfumes! xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog

  19. lots of great ideas, i'd be happy to receive any of them!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  20. Great blog ! Beautiful photos :)


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