Saturday, June 26, 2010

one minute i’m a little sweetheart and next minute you are an absolute creep



Held my presentation today and it went all well, so I am kinda relieved now. Thanks to being a perfectionist I worked on it until 5 in the morning, which means I only had like 3 hours sleep.

So when I finally made it home at six I literally fell into my bed having a lovely nap. Is there a better thing in the world than having a little afternoon nap? I doubt it.

This outfit actually isn’t from today but two days back, temperatures have risen constantly, 27°C today… and me in an super chic business dress for my presentation sweatting like hell. Therefore nothing stylish today, changed into a top and shorts as soon as I was home.



Finally have my cross earrings I have been craving for. They’re DIY, made them out of a necklaces I got in London from primark (men’s section).


(Jeanshirt & Top: H&M, Bag & Shoes & Fake Wayfarers: London. Shorts & Necklace: Pull&Bear, Earrings: DIY)

BTW, that nailpolish is probably my favourite at the moment. Kinda fed up with my essie mint candy apple since everyone starts wearing it now. This one is proper turquoise and phenomenal. Thanks H&M.

I will try and finally take some pictures of my favourite fleamarket finds tomorrow, wanted to do that for ages. Oh and my last H&M order has arrived. Packed full of awesomeness! Finally got all the pieces I wanted from the FAA collection.

Very very happy now.

Have a nice weekend everyone! <3

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  1. der Nagellack ist echt schön, hab einen ähnlichen. ist aber nicht von H&M. :D
    Deine Ringe gefallen mir auch sehr gut.


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