Monday, June 13, 2011

born and raised in a summer’s haze

IMG_5872IMG_5845IMG_5876   (Jeans, Jacket, Bag – H&M / Shirt, Flats – Primark / Necklace – Forever 21 / Ring, Watch – Asos)

Hey Everyone.

Just a  quick outfit post from last week. I wasn’t very creative lately, please bear with me. I am really busy running errands and meeting friends now that I am back in my hometown. I only got a couple of days here because I am flying back to London on Thursday and there is so much to do until then. It’s a national holiday atm here in Germany so yesterday my dad and me got our bikes out and cycled a tour of 60km. We chose a route that used to be a railway but was transformed into a cycling way that leads through a beautiful scenery. I am a bit shattered today but it was good.

Btw, I really didn’t like my hair up since I died it (yes, it’s dead at the bottom) but I really like it braided now because it gives this nice colour shift effect.

We are leaving for a bit of flying before we’ll have some nice sushi in the evening. Enjoy your week!



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