Wednesday, October 26, 2011

arty obsession

ysl arty ring4

This ring has been haunting me ever since I stood in the YSL boutique in Old Bond Street a couple month back, trying to decide which colour to pick. In the end I decided for the turqoise version because it was love on first sight (and I am far from regretting that decision). Still, that deep blue, almost purple complexion with those tiny golden spots keeps spinning in my mind.

And then there is this gorgeous number:

ysl arty ring 2

But then I came across that gorgeous fall/winter 11 collection and now I am in even bigger despair! Look at these gorgeous colours! The white, the red, the brown! And that black one with streaks of gold like the tail of an asteroid! I am in love!


However, the most beautiful colour of them all has to be the blue one. I can not put into words how stunning it is. I think I have to save some money again…

ysl blue gold arty ringBtw… Do you see a world map too?




  1. omg these ring are so unique and chic!!!!!!


  2. The blue one is my favorite too! As soon as I saw it I just thought world map!

  3. Love these. Can't decide which one I would buy. ♥

  4. I love especially the second one. And the last one is definitely a world map. Wearing the whole world on your fingure must be great :)

  5. Oh my god, die for ALL of these ! Haven't seen the f/w11 collection till now and I'm obsessed ! I think I'm with you on the blue with gold flakes being the favorite aswell. AMAZING detail ! No wonder these rings are the favorite of all bloggers everywhere x

  6. kannst du vllt. irgendein Modeschmucklabel in Deutschland empfehlen, die Ringe haben welche kleiner als S sind? Hab mir letztens bei C&A so ringe gekauft und danach warn alle zu groƟ :O

  7. I do see a world map! they're all amazing! I guess it must have ben torture to decide :) I would have went for the turquoise one as well or brown.


    p.s. would be honored if you'de setp by my blog and let me know what you think.

  8. love the second one!

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  9. love all of them !

  10. First thing that popped into my head when viewing the last ring was 'Look's like the world map!' haha. It is truly beautiful! Gosh, I wish I could justify spending that much on a ring though.

  11. Ahh, your blog is so awesome! I'm from germany and i totally like it! :)) hope my english is not so bad :$ i follow you! :D

  12. I have the coral one and love it but that blue one with gold flecks is beyond beautiful!!

  13. wow, the last one is so amazing! want it!

  14. wow these rings are pretty amazing!



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