Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the biggest luck is having someone who loves you unconditionally

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So Janina is gone again and everything is back to boring normal… well it’s never boring in London but you get the idea… I wish my sister could live with me here. Anyways, we did so many things, it was such a nice week! We obviously did a lot of shopping and went out for food all the time – probalby put on 2 kilos in that week haha!

I was so busy the last couple of days that I didn’t manage to post… I hope that will get better with time! I have quite a nice timetable this semester; mon and tue off but thursday from 11 till 9! That’s because I am doing Mandarin this year – yes that’s right, I am learning CHINESE! :D It’s quite hard to remember all the characters and the pronounciation but I am having so much fun. I love learing new languages.

I’ll better get ready now, I am going to meet up with Kerstin from Mademoiselle Roy again to go to some kind of DJ gig; she always drags me to those although I have no clue about DJs but I love it.

Hope you have a nice evening!



  1. Chinese ?! Haha you are soooo brave to learn that language! It seems to be very hard. So goodluck :)


  2. These are great pictures! It's kind of nice when things are busy, but nice when you have a chance to catch up on things too!

  3. die Bilder sind toll meine liebe...Ich wäre auch mal wieder so gerne in London.....

    liebste grüße




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